Walmart Paintball Gun vs Most Expensive Paintball Gun

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22 thoughts on “Walmart Paintball Gun vs Most Expensive Paintball Gun”

  1. Matt,

    What settings and modes do you run on your DJI Action 2 for when it’s on your barrel? I picked one up, but not sure if I should run UltraWide, Wide, or Standard? I planned on trying 4k 30fps, but wanted to get your thoughts on that too. I’ll mostly have it on my barrel, but I got a mask Mount too.
    Great videos, thanks man!!

  2. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your gun. The only thing that matters is who knows how to use a gun and how to handle it for me I use the Tippmann Storm Elite a good reliable gun plus it kinda of also looks like an actual M16 kinda But overall it only matters on how well you know how to use your gun.

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